From business to personal finance, we account for everything.

Forensic Accounting

We can apply investigative and analytical skills to resolve financial issues.

At Mitchell Gordon our team’s extensive experience and knowledge of finance provides clients with invaluable support and advice in the investigation of fraud and other financial misrepresentation issues.

We can diligently analyse and process financial information to support criminal investigation activities undertaken by those in the legal (and associated) professions in order to deliver successful prosecutions in fields such as the funding of illegal activities, insurance company fraud and general disputes.

We can look beyond the obvious, conducting multi-layered analysis covering not just the ‘numbers’ but also the reality of the situations and scenarios involved.

Familiar with legal concepts and procedures as well as the financial minutiae, we can supply clients/courts with comprehensive, clear and precise information.

Ask us about our support services in this area which include:

  • The provision of financial evidence – investigated, analysed and reported.
  • The development of computerised applications to report on and analyse specific financial information and transactions.
  • The clear communication of our findings, including reporting, exhibits and document collation.
  • Support and assistance in legal proceedings, including the provision of testimony, expert witness services and the preparation of visual aids to support evidential areas.

What Services We Offer

Whether you need help with growing your business or advice on maximizing your personal and family finances, we are here to help you achieve the best results.


We offer a compliance-only service or a more tailored advisory service to assist you to run your business efficiently.

We help you to interpret your financial information...

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Acquisitions and Disposals

Occasionally the best way to enhance your position in the marketplace within which you operate is through acquisition or merger. This can be not only a time consuming process...

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Traditionally regarded as a cost centre and a necessary evil with no added value, we aim to transform this function into a profit centre. Besides fulfilling your statutory...

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Business Start-Ups

The majority of people who start-up in business do so because they have a good business proposition and the initiative and commitment to see it through, not because they have...

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Corporate Finance

Whether for an existing or a new business adequate finance is the life blood that allows you to achieve your goals. Indeed most company failures arise as a result of badly...

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Management Accounts, Bookkeeping and Company Secretarial

We can relieve your staff and yourself of a large burden by taking care of all of your bookkeeping. Our first important step is to work with you and, if necessary, your staff so...

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Our in-house, professional payroll bureau service takes away the time-consuming responsibility of managing your company payroll, suitable for an extensive range of organisations...

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Strategic Planning

Everyone knows that planning is a pre-requisite to improved performance. Yet all too often the daily pressure of running a business results in planning not receiving the...

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Taxation Services

Mitchell Gordon provides a wide range of services focusing on corporate taxation, personal tax, investigations and VAT.

We provide accurate solutions and advice to assist...

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